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"I asked Jesus to come into my heart last year when you had the football (soccer ball) and told us about how Jesus paid for our sins." Alex was responding to my question of the children at the Bible Day Camp in Roit, Romania as to who would like to ask Jesus to come into their life. This year we took seven of the Mission Balls which were purchased by the Christian Motorcyclist Association. Alex is 12 years old and Titus our Field Director reported that since giving his heart to Christ Alex reads 8 pages in the Bible and prays before going to school. This is self discipline as his parents both go to work at 6 a.m. Alex was brimming over with wonderful questions from creation to sanctification. It was obvious that his mind was soaking up Bible lessons like a sponge. What an encouragement to see the spiritual growth in these children from one summer to the next.

Last summer we did not have a Bible Day Camp at Roit, but the pastor (of both churches) suggested that each afternoon we would go to Roit and pick up 4 or 5 children that we would take to the Day Camp at Sinnicolau. It was heartbreaking because each afternoon there would be a dozen or more Gypsy children at Roit and the pastor would select which children could go and have those left behind come back the next day.

We had planned to conduct Bible Day Camps in six villages this year, but by the time this report is published seven Bible Day Camps should be completed. This includes conducting two Bible Day Camps in Satu Mare Province near the Ukrainian/Hungarian border. I had spoken in these villages last summer, and we were asked by the pastor of the church at Tasnad to come back this summer to conduct Bible Day Camps. The pastor's vision is to start a network of ten churches in villages near his church. He also stated that there had been evangelistic efforts in these villages in the past without any positive response. We had forty to fifty children each day and there were children who responded to the invitation each day. We were also concerned because the first language for some of these children is Hungarian even though they live in Romania, and our materials are in Romanian. It worked out because the children have to use Romanian in school. The Bible Day Camp consists of a Bible lesson, Bible memorization, Scripture songs, games and a simple meal. We have a strong emphasis on memorizing Scripture as none of the children have Bibles, so our desire is to have God's Word take root in their lives through each day's verse. The crew of women on some days were making 200 to 250 sandwiches.

Raul is a 14 year old Gypsy boy that lives in Sinnicolau with his father, who has little interest in spiritual things. Raul has attended our Bible Day Camps the last three years and the spiritual growth in his life is recognizable. He was also the best volunteer that we had as a part of the work crews building the Playgrounds in Gypsy villages. Because of the heat and humidity work would begin at 6 a.m. and continue to about 11:30 a.m. then begin again at 5 p.m. and conclude at sunset. Every work day Raul was there and ready to go to work. We had planned to build Playgrounds in two Gypsy villages, but the lady in charge of the company where we purchased the materials gave us the materials to build three Playgrounds of the price of two when she found out that we were Christians. She got approval from her boss in Budapest because they are both Christians and wanted to support what we were doing.