• Virginia Koon

Repairing Village Churches

Minor construction repairs, and more extensive projects, have been accomplished.

Church door repair

In 2017 Michael, a Christian from a church in Weatherford, Texas, accompanied Paul on his trip to Romania and made improvements in several Roma churches.  In 2018 Mark, also from Texas, installed heating and air conditioning units in two Roma churches, Oshan and Ciumeghiu. This is a great help to the churches and congregation because the summer heat can go up to a sweltering 108 degrees and down to 5 degrees in the winter. Mark was an instructor in installation and maintenance of heating and air conditioning. His greatest asset is that he gave his heart to Jesus about a year-and-a-half ago and loves the Lord with all of his heart.  I told him that he needed to prepare his testimony because every church will want to hear his story and how he came to the Lord.  There was much of his life that the Gypsies could identify with. 

Mark installing HVAC unit


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